Polyatron (Inverse Dekatron)2013/08/05 09:59

Polyatron, これは小生が50余年まえ大学院学生時代に開発に携わった多陽極計数放電管につけた名称です.

                                  After J.Brit.IRE.Vol26,383(1963)

                                        Advanced Model
                           J.IEE.Japan.86,72(1966/7,Translated Juornal)

検索の結果,ほかにも興味あるサイトがありました. ロシアでPolyatron A201が市販されていたこと,現在もPloyatron A201でNixie管を駆動して楽しんでいるグループがあることを知りました.


2013/08/21 追記
この記事を公開して数日して,計数管の歴史を研究している英国の研究者から連絡ありました. 何度かのメールのやり取りをしましたが,かなり本格的に昔の技術を調べているのに感心しました.

Generation of Homogeneous Discharge Plasmas at Atmospheric Pressure2013/03/10 12:19

Required condition for generating homogeneous atmospheric plasmas in Dielectric Barrier Discharge is determined by the uniform distribution of electrons, which are charged up on the surface of dielectrics during the preceding discharge and play a role of the initial electrons as the seeds of following electron avalanche. We developed a new Barrier Discharge System Using Dielectrics with Uniformly-Distributed Metal Pieces Inside, which makes it possible to control the distribution of electrons charged up on the surface of dielectrics. The new DBD device was evolutionarily designed after the Capacity-Coupled Multi-Discharge, CCMD.

more   The Paper of Technical Meeting on Plasma Science and Technology IEE Japan, PST-13-011,


Propagation Speed of Streamer in Diode Discharge2012/08/19 16:44

    When the breakdown is just starting in gaseous diodes, the front of plasma column generated near the anode is quickly moving toward the cathode. We discuss the moving velocity of the plasma front (that is propagation speed of streamer). This text is partially revised the previous report “ An Estimation of Critical Electron Density at Just Starting Breakdown in Gases

text is placed on the STPIG site

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Sustaining Voltage for DC Diode Discharges2010/10/01 13:36

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Comprehensive discussion of  the sustaining voltage for dc diode discharges with both cold- and hot- cathodes using the same conceptual model, which is based on the collisionless cathode sheath model and the plasma balance equations  More

Theory of Cathode Fall in Normal Glow Discharge2010/09/26 21:45

About 25 years ago, we proposed the new conceptual model of cathode sheath, which is based on the collisionless sheath model and the plasma balance equations. This model could clearly explain the reason why the electric field varies linearly in the normal glow cathode fall region. Here, we describe once more the outline of the explanation for the linearly varying field in the normal glow cathode fall.   More

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